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Abuser of minors sentenced to 401 years in prison, released after 12.5

A basketball coach on the island of Crete was sentenced to 401 years in prison for 36 cases of lewdness against minors. However, he was released on parole on Tuesday after serving a total of 12.5 years behind bars. A decision that triggered outrage among the victims and their families, the Greek society, thus causing the intervention of Chief Prosecutor.

Basketball coach Nikos Seiragakis was reportedly arrested in flagranti in December 2011 for sexual abuse of three minors. In May 2013 he was convicted for his actions, abuse in neglect and attempted abuse, at the expense of 36 children to 401 years. In 2016 the Court of Appeals gave him exactly the same sentence as the First Instance Court.

His original sentence was reduced to 220 years. With the new Penal Code the actual years of prison sentence were reduced to 20.

As he also worked while in prison where the days of work reduce the prison time, Seiragakis submitted a request for parole to the Tripoli Prison Council where he was being held, the request was examined by the Misdemeanors Council and was accepted.

After 12.5 years in prison, he was released under the condition of being banned from Crete, where he committed the crimes, and with the obligation to reside in a designated area of Attica. He is also prohibited from associating with minors without the presence or consent of their guardians and is required to attend a session with a psychiatrist once a month.

It should be noted that 3 years ago, in April 2020, he was paroled from prison in Grevena where he was held, causing many reactions in the local community as well as in the Bar Association of Rethymno, which had stood up to the victims of the pedophilia both in the First and Second instance.

He has never showed remorse and claimed that his sexual relations with the victims, aged 12 to 17, were with their consent.

He was reportedly released on parole in 2020 but he was soon arrested again and back to prison for having violating his parole conditions.


The release on Tuesday triggered the intervention of the Supreme Court prosecutor, who has requested to examine whether the release parole conditions are

The Chief Prosecutor will examine if the release reasoning is thorough and if there are any legal “gaps”. an option is to overturn the release order, report local media.

The Criminal Code provides that the actual years of serving sentences, under conditions, cannot exceed 20 years, while the convicted can make use of the beneficial provisions for subject to his release from prison, as long as there are no other disciplinary reasons and no criminal offense is pending against him.

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