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Tombstones with names of deceased paved beach street project

A councilor of Kalamara municipality made a macabre finding when he inspected the construction of a street along Navarinou street in the area: the new way was paved with tombstones from graveyards and they had not even removed the inscription with the names of the deceased.

The issue received big publicity across Greece, beyond the region in south Peloponnese.

After the great publicity, the mayor of Kalamata Thanassis Vassilopoulos, said on a social media post that he had already given an order to the Directorate of Technical Services of the Municipality to stop the Redevelopment project on Navarinou Street and to call the contractor and the superintending engineer to give an explanation of the tombstones paving the street.

The mayor rejected any responsibility, putting it on the contractor and the superintending engineer.

According to local media, however, the mayor has repeatedly ‘inspected” the project and has been also photographed there during the inspections.

PS recycling marble is good but see your mom’s, dad’s or grannie’s name while walking along the beach is kind of creepy, isn’t it?

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  1. Nothing weird that happens in Greece surprises me. The article about Greek drivers was hilarious. Motor cyclists, for example, mostly wear their helmets on their left arms.

  2. Isn’t this theft? I paid for the marble cladding my late wife’s grave and hence I regard it as my property. I recognise that it is common for graves to be reused, with the previous occupants bones being put in an ossuary, but surely the marble belongs to the person who bought it?

    • keeptalkinggreece

      not if you have returned the grave back to municipality. or you take the marbles home.