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Ammunition explosions: Defense Ministry inspects fire safety in military sites

Following the ammunition explosions in the depot of the country’s biggest air base, 111 Combat wind, due to wildfires,  Deputy Defense Minister, Nikos Hardalias, travels to military sites throughout Greece in order to inspect their fire safety measures.

“As a political leadership we want to guarantee the issues concerning the safety of our personnel and our material,” Hardalias told media.

Note that the deputy minister was chief of the Civil Protection during the wildfires that devastated Attica and Evia in 2021.

He will be meeting with the chiefs of staff to update security and fire safety plans.

The specific emergency inspections and evaluations of security and fire safety measures of warehouses and storage areas for ammunition, explosives and fuel in units of the Armed Forces throughout the Greek territory started on Sunday and will last until Wednesday, August 2, 2023.

At the same time, soldiers and officers in military camps are being ordered to “fire combat drills.”

On-site inspections will be carried out in critical and vital key storage areas for ammunition and fuel, while emergency fire safety drills will also be conducted.

The inspections were announced as “unscheduled”, however, media reported already on Saturday in which prefectures will take place.

Regarding the ammunition explosion at the depot of the 111 Combat Wing  Greek & NATO airbase in Nea Anhialos central Greece on Thursday, the Army and the Fire Service play the usual game of throwing balls at each other.

The fire department blamed the army for not deforesting its premises, while the army accused the fire service of negligence because the fire reached the warehouses.

While the Defense Ministry and the Gernal Staff investigate the causes to the explosions, the commander of the 111 C. W, was removed to the Air Force General Staff until investigation is concluded and responsibilities are being made.

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