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Young tourists evacuated from Corfu beach during heavy storm

A group of 10 tourists was safely evacuated from Porto Timoni beach on the island of Corfu on Saturday, while a heavy storm was striking the island in the North Ionian Sea.

The group of ten young tourists had called emergency line <112> when they realized that the storm was nearing and could not leave the beach through the land way.

While the Coast Guard and the Fire Service were mobilized, it was ultimately a private boat that approached them in the middle of the heavy afternoon storm and took them to Agios Georgios Pagon beach.

A storm-warning message was sent to all mobile phones by the Civil protection on Saturday morning.

“The ten tourists were young, 19-20 years old, and they did not take the warning seriously, “state ERT TV reported.

Rain- and storm weather front PETAR poured down not only on the island of Corfu but also on the nearby Kefalonia, where it caused landslides

The road was closed for several hours, but traffic was restored Saturday evening and so was the power cut in several areas.

Stormy weather PETAR moved more to the eastern parts of Greece on Sunday, as meteorologists have forecast.

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