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Wildfire in Karystos, south Evia; 2nd fire caused by power cable (video)

A wildfire broke out in a remote forest area at Melissonas, in Karystos, south Evia island, on Friday afternoon.

The fire broke out in a ravine where firefighters do not have easy access and it is burning a forest in Rouklia area of Agios Dimitrios in Karystos Municipality.

According to local media, the fire spread quickly as strong winds are blowing in the area with intensity of 7 Beaufort.


Some 58 firefighters with 3 ground teams and 20 fire engines were battling the blaze, assisted by 4 water-dowsing planes and 4 helicopters.

As water-dropping air mean do not fly in the darkness, firefighter forces are expected to be strengthen.

Also Friday noon, a fire broke out in Kerameia area of Mantoudi Municipality, Agia anna Lake.

According to mayor Giorgos Tsapourniotis the fire was caused by a power cable thus resulting in power outage in the wider area.

According to Public Power Distributor DEDDIE, electricity was expected to be restored soon.

The quick intervention of the Fire Service extinguished the fire in time.

A total of 38 wildfires broke out nationwide over the last 24 hours, said the Fire Brigade on Friday, most of which were dealt with successfully from the outset.

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