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First Greeks to be repatriated from Israel, Palestine on Sunday night

Greece is trying to repatriate some 150 Greeks currently trapped in Israel and the Palestinian territories, the Foreign Ministry announced on Sunday.

The foreign ministry is in constant contact with the Greek citizens in the area via the Greek Embassy in Tel Aviv and the Greek Consulate in Jerusalem.

The foreign ministry announced that a total of 149 Greek visitors have been recorded so far and the procedures to safely transfer them to the airport for their repatriation have been initiated.

Emergency phone lines in Israel:

  • Greek embassy in Tel Aviv: +972544808297
    Greek consulate in Jerusalem: +972523032253

The majority of Greeks are visitors in the Holy Land.

Among them there is also a group of 35 Greeks trapped in Jericho in West Bank. According to media, the group has left the city and heading to the international airport in Tel Aviv after being informed that seats on a flight to Athens have been found.

STAR TV reported at its main news bulletin that 80 of the 149 Greeks are getting on the board of a flight direct to Athens tonight at 9:30 local time.

The rest is to wait until tomorrow, Monday, until seats available on another flight.

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