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Greece’s President receives families of Israeli hostages

The President of the Hellenic Republic, Katerina Sakellaropoulou, received family members of hostages held in Gaza Strip by Hamas. the President received the families at the Presidential Mansion in Athens on Monday morning.

The families of the hostages held in Gaza by Hamas are visiting Greece from Israel in order to raise awareness among the Greek public about the situation of their loved ones.

Welcoming Galia and Ilay David, the mother and brother of 22-year-old hostage Evyatar David, as well as Orit and Aviram Meir, mother and uncle of hostage Almog Meir, who is also being held hostage in the Gaza Strip, Sakellaropoulou expressed her undivided support, as well as that of the entire Greek people, to the families of the Israeli hostages.

The President wished for the speedy return of their loved ones and for peace to prevail in the region.

Sakellaropoulou said, the taking of hundreds of people hostage, including young children, women and the elderly, is a trauma for the collective conscience of humanity and constitutes one of the most serious war crimes, for which the perpetrators should face the consequences.

She also underlined that international pressure should be intensified on Hamas in order to allow the abductees to communicate and of course return safely to their families and homes, adding that Greece unreservedly supports every diplomatic effort in this direction.

The President of the Republic spoke with Almog Meir’s mother, who referred to the hostage situation and her last communication with her son, expressing the dramatic ordeal of families and relatives of hostages, who have no information about the fate of their loved ones.

I know, I know, it’s all about politics and nothing else…

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  1. Lol, how does this even compare? A train accident is a tragic accident. It’s not comparable.

    The family members, their kids were kidnapped by terrorists. Did you write this nasty comment to express your antisemitism? As if Jews haven’t suffered enough these years.

    I see woke students and liberal women going to Syntagma yelling “Free Palestina” not understanding that Gaza is held “hostage” by Hamas. Israel is one of the only democratic allies we have in this region – Greece needs, next to Cyprus, a steady ally. We can’t always rely on the EU. Please less sarcastic comments and more objective journalism.

    • keeptalkinggreece

      Accident due to authorities/institutions/gov’t failure.
      ‘anti-semitism’? this blog? LOL Drop this ‘chewing gum’ to compare and refer everything with the suffering of Jewish people.
      In case you didn’t notice: you have perception issues.

  2. I hope for a speedy peaceful resolution and all bad actors on all sides are brought to justice. I hope the Greek Government has offered to rebuild the Greek Orthodox church which was bombed there and destroyed. I seem to recall they (Greek Government) offered to rebuild a church in Crimea whence the troubles there are over.

  3. As an ‘outsider’, neither Jewish nor Muslim nor am I an ‘apologist’ for either side in this conflict(war?),
    may I comment on how this appears to me?
    Netanyahu(?) seems to be a political hard liner and Hamas are, similarly, hard liners.
    There are many historical comparisons of extremists v extremists and,as far I am concerned, the only
    winners are not those who suffer the most….the ordinary population.
    As an old Greek proverb goes : In a battle of the buffalos in a swamp only the frogs pay the price.
    The question is how do these people get to power in the first place?
    The British government bear a great deal of responsibilty, bowing to pressure from the USA, to create
    an Israeli state in Palestine without any guarantees of sovereignty to the Palestinians.
    The Israelis have been guilty of expansionism over many years, the Palestians have been the victims of
    those Arabic states who wish to destroy any Jewish state without cost to themselves.
    There will be no winners until both Israel and Palestine rid themselves of these war mongers and learn to
    talk of peace and co-operation.