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Woman with 37 kg cannabis in luggage arrested at Athens airport

A 30-year-old foreign national was arrested for drug trafficking at Athens international airport “Eleftherios Venizelos” on Tuesday afternoon. The woman had over 35 kg of raw cannabis in her luggage.

According to the police, an investigation in cooperation with the DEA office of the US embassy located the woman after she landed in Greece on a flight from Switzerland.

A total of 37 kilograms of cannabis was detected in the woman’s two pieces of luggage, upon her arrival in Athens.

The raw cannabis was packed in 4 nylon packages that were confiscated together with one mobile phone.

The Swiss national was taken to the misdemeanors prosecutor of Athens,  reported.

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  1. The Greek govenrment is now going to mess with promotional sales in the supermarket. Don’t they have any thing better to do? How about fires, floods, train wrecks and tax evasion? Also a commitee to investigate the train wreck that occurred 11 months ago. A little late I think.

  2. Given the price the airlines charge for luggage, how on earth could she afford to pay for 35kg?