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Children’s hospital in Athens stops surgeries due to staff shortage

Children’s hospital Aglaia Kyriakou in Athens announced on Thursday it will no longer be able to perform surgeries on a regular basis starting February 12, due to critical under-staffing.

Surgeries will only be performed for “critical emergencies, due to lack of staff, specifically of doctors, anesthesiologists, as well as surgical aid staff,” the hospital’s surgical division said in a statement.

“The P. & A. Kyriakou Children’s Hospital has been alternating shifts with the Agia Sophia Children’s Hospital every 15 days per month. Despite the large number of cases conducted in its operating rooms, it has for a while now experiencing problem due to staff shortages,” the statement added.

The problem exists for several months and authorities have been alerted since June 2023.

“The program of schedules surgeries stagnates, with the surgical clinics no longer able to provide their services, nor their educational work, since only two of the hospital’s 10 operating theaters are operational.”

The recent retirement of two anesthesiology doctors as well as the not extension of a contract with a private doctor has further forced active staff to continuously work over time.

Despite the surgical team’s calls for additional staff, no action has been taken by either the hospital’s administration or the 1st Healthcare Region of Attica, the statement added.

PS Staff shortage in public hospitals has turned into a permanent problem, despite the government’s promises since 2022, while funding is cut more and more each and every year.

As doctors massively went into retirement end of 2023, a patient can hardly find an appointment via the online platform since the second half of January.

Patients are forced to take services at the private sector, whether they have the money or not, and while they keep paying their health contributions to public funds.

Note: Health Minister Adonis Georgiadis plans to introduced the so-called “afternoon surgeries” scheme as of March 1. According to the Minister, patients -on the long lists awaiting surgery – will pay from their own pockets 1,000 to 1,5000 euros to have a surgery in public hospitals the afternoon, if they wouldn’t want to wait. The price has yet to be fixed as the surgery is no longer an issue of health but of financial ability .

Keep in mind: the second governance term of neo-liberal New Democracy will go into history as the one that zealously works towards the end of  the public health services until is totally collapsed.

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  1. The public healthcare system was founded in the UK in 1948. In the 1960’s an economist called Baumol produced a highly logical and compelling argument for why it would be necessary to continuously increase the amount of tax spent on that system going into the future. His arguments were purely economic and not related to demographic changes, which only make the situation worse. These arguments apply equally to Greece. I have never heard any politician anywhere acknowledge Baumol’s work or use it in any way to plan the future of the system.

    • this is why it was always a disingenuous scam. a previous generation sold the future into bondage for a few years of free stuff.
      the politicians who built unassailable bastions of power and opened up endless new vistas for lining their pocets for decades to come, have been laughing ever since.
      the whole concept of the government being involved in peoples’ health needs to be thrown into the trash.
      yes some people still getting some Free Stuff will likely complain about what a horrible idea that is!