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314 German bombs from WWII found buried in old Athens airport

A total of 314 German bombs from the second World War were found buried at Elliniko, the old national and international airport of Greek capital Athens.

This was revealed by the mayor of Elliniko-Argyroupoli, Giannis Konstantatos, during a press conference on Thursday, aiming to inform residents about the sound of controlled explosions in the area that upsets them.

The site of the old Athens airport is under re-construction due to a mega investment project and the bombs were found during the works.

“The tragedy of the case is that the 314 bombs, which the Germans had stored, were 2 meters directly below the former facilities of the Pontian Sourmen Union, our kindergartens and sports facilities, which were located inside the former airport as well as next to Olympic Games facilities! In places where thousands of people entered every day!”Konstantatos stressed.

“Thank God, there was never any harm or explosion. It is truly amazing how an entire Airport and dozens of Municipal and other facilities  were operating in this minefield,” the mayor added.

It should be recalled that a US Air Base was located also located in the premises of the old airport in 1947 and was monitoring the East Mediterranean from 1960 until 1993.

PS it’s not an exaggeration when Greeks claim “We are alive by chance.”

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  1. Stop making such a drama out of it!!! I bet the greek government knew about it when they build the airport there!!! Stop talking about it ” that everybody survived” for such a long time!!! Ridiculous!!! If the greek government didn’t know about it before they build airports, kindergartens etc. they haven’t done a good job before building airport, kindergarten and whatever!

    • Your comments are speechless !

      • Good because it’s always the bad bad Germans…314 bombs at one place??? Seriously??? Question to T: when did the 2nd world war ended? And suddenly out of nothing under the old airport were found 314 bombs???? Use your brain and thi k about it!

        • We apologize that we (and the US army) weren’t succesful in locating the bombs. We shall put more effort in the future and of course thank the Germans for invading and leaving them here. Thank you Germans! Are you okay now Mike? Have you been taking care of your mental health lately?

          • What the hell are you talking about? Where is the proof of every single bomb is from Germany? My mental health is perfectly working! As a non German person I’m just tired to hear all that “bad bad Germans” shit! As it seems, everybody forgot who Hitler was! Not a German! Who started the first world war?

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