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Police officers set up tents to protest their impoverishment

An unusual scenery in Greece: Police officers set up tents in Syntagma Square opposite the  Greek Parliament on Friday morning to protest against their impoverishment, budget cuts impacting their compensation for travel expenses and mandatory movement to urban centers without right to appeal.

A government amendment passed on April 28, dictates the mandatory movement of police officers stationed in the province to Athens and Thessaloniki to serve for three months, thus depriving them of the right to appeal.

Furthermore, the amendment slashed the daily accommodation compensation from €80 down to 30 euros.

In a statement, the Panhellenic Federation of Police Employees (POASY) denounced the unexpected amendment as “an affront to the police profession and a regression to medieval labor conditions.”

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  1. michele lavender

    The new labor laws which were passed last year are now being activated and if employees dont comply the open door to being unemployed will beckon them into the abyss of poverty and despair.We return to Victorian England times when humans flocked to the cities for work from the farmlands and were thus used to death(literally)by the mega rich industrialists,children as young as four and five were kept living next to weaving machines,they slept next to them,they crawled underneath to dislodge things and were often killed and maimed,there is evidence of these children committing suicide by jumping from windows so as to be released from the terrors of their lives.whilst these employers lived out in the countryside on huge farming estates,rolling green fields,huge mansions with yet even more slaves working for them for a pittance eighteen hours per day.