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Beach bar on Rhodes ordered to demolish sunbeds in the sea

Authorities on the island of Rhodes ordered the demolition of illegal constructions in the sea and fined a beach bar in Agia Marina on Wednesday. It is the same beach bar that caused an uproar last year when video footage showed waiters having to swim or wade in the water in order to reach the customers.

The raid on the beach of Agia Marina was carried out by teams of the Land Office, the Finance Ministry and the Port Authority.

During the inspection, authorities found in the sea 19 metal structures with sunbeds on top of them.

The raid apparently took place after pictures and videos showed again waiters in the water.

A similar violation was also found last year, on the same beach and by the business ownership. Authorities immediately ordered the implementation of the demolition protocols.

The beach bar was ordered to close down, however, it was destroyed by the wildfires on Rhodes in July 2023.


A year later, the businessman proceeded as … last year as if nothing had happened and law violations were no longer valid.

“When we say that order is coming to the coast and the beaches, we mean it! Those who commit illegal activities on the beaches will find us facing them” said the Minister of National Economy and Finance Kostis Hatzidakis.

Hundreds of complaints

Application “MyCoast” introduced by the Greek government in late April has received so far 1,900 complaints about violations of the laws to protect beaches and the coast.

The largest number of complaints concern the Cyclades, the Dodecanese and Halkidiki.

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  1. Stricter punishments, including permanent suspension/closure for repeat offenders, need to be implemented. A fine is nothing for them. They likely make enough in a weekend to cover it.