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Three tourists still missing on Greek islands; US national dead

Two French nationals and a US tourist remain missing on the islands of Sikinos and Amorgos respectively on Monday, while a  US national missing on Mathraki was found dead on Sunday.

The two French women, aged 64 and  73 and  who went missing on early Friday morning, June  , on the island of Sikinos, remain  still missing on Monday, June 17, 2024.

Locals and forces from neighboring islands have been deployed to Sikinos, however, no trace of the two tourists have been found, so far.

The older of them had contacted the owner of the hotel she was staying on Friday morning and even sent him a picture showing her lying on her back on the ground.

The woman texted that she had tripped and fallen down and she did not feel well.

The hotel owner asked her to specify her location but the mobile had suddenly shut down.

The 84-year-old woman had left her mobile phone in the hotel, Mega TV reported, adding that it was still unknown whether the two women had left for a hike together.

Speaking to ANT1 TV, the mayor of the island, Vassilis Marakis,  said that “we are scattered in various places, it is not easy, because the island has enough green, pines and cedars, we are doing our best, because you understand the conditions are difficult, it has enough sunshine.

Authorities suggested that the two women have fallen in a difficlut to access area and that’s why they cannot be located.

US citizen found dead on Mathraki

The American tourist who was missing on the island of Mathraki off Corfu since Wednesday, June 13, was found dead on Sunday.

According to local media, the body of the 55-year-old man was found in the sea near the old port of Kontrakas.

Police, rescuers and firefighters had been searching the island to located the man who was reported missing by a friend

Police has launched an investigation, while an autopsy is expected to determine the exact causes of the man’s death.

Missing tourists

Parallel to the French tourists on Sikinos, the US citizen on the island of Amorgos remains missing on Monday.

The 59-year-old man went missing after he left for a hike from Katapola to Amorgos on  Tuesday, June 11.

The man was a frequent visitor to the island and an experience hiker.

Apparently he was not prepared to the heatwave that swept across the country last week.

A total of nine foreign visitors went missing in the two heatwaves since the start of June 2024, Six of them have lost their lives.

PS If you love hiking in the wild scenery of Greek islands and other landscapes, please, do not underestimate the weather conditions and the rough terrain.

And DO NOT go on a Hike ALONE!

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  1. There is an app we use in the UK called what3words which gives your precise location. Each 3 square meters on earth has a unique 3 word code which pinpoints your location. If you are in trouble and use this app, the emergency services should be able to find you very quickly. Nobody seems to have heard of it in Greece. It could make the difference between life and death.