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UPD Femicide: 81-year-old stabs wife to death, attempts suicide

One more femicide in Greece: An 81-year-old man murdered his 73-year-old wife with a screwdriver in Alexandroupolis, north-eastern Greece on Friday morning. Following the crime, he attempted to commit suicide by drinking bleach.

According to local media, neighbors saw the man on the balcony shouting “I killed my wife!”  They called the police.

Officers found the victim dead and the man to have passed out.

After he realized what he had done, he tried to commit suicide and drank bleach.

The elderly perpetrator was transferred to the local hospital.

Neighbors told media that the couple had often and loud arguments but they never thought that the situation would escalate ending in a tragedy.


It turns out that the man did not killed his wife with a screwdriver as initially reported but he stabbed her 12 times with a knife he had sharpened allegedly for for purpose before.

In a violent incident on June 5, the man had beaten his grandson and he was reported to police by his wife and his daughter, the grandson’s mother.

Both women applied for a psychiatric evaluation of the elderly man arguing that he was not following his prescribed medication. However, the prosecutor regarded it as ‘unnecessary at this point” and set the man free.

It is the 6th victim of femicide in Greece since the start of 2024.

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