Saturday , May 25 2019
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Greece’s tough struggle at Eurogroup meeting

What does Greece expects today fromthe Eurogroup leaders meeting in Brussels? Athens’ expectations refer to three crucial things: Repayment extension for the €110 billion bailout, Decrease of borrowing interest rates and Buyback of its debt. Practically there has been an EU acceptance on the repayment extension and cuts in the interest …

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Are We a Morally-Bankrupt Society?

This morning I was trying to find some positive news to write about. Something  like “The Good News of the Day”. For a change, you know… But not matter how hard did I try,  I didn’t find anything. We, Greeks, are going through economically difficult and socially disheartening times. We …

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Sorry seems to be the hardest word!

Amid the song and dance of famous “Wedding Party on a Battleship” – the AVEROF, you know… -, which became talk of the country, I forgot, or better say, I didn’t catch up with other important news and issues that affect crisis-suffering Greeks. You may have understood by now that …

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Greeks: Fed up with Scandals & Corruption!

Greeks: Fed up with Scandals and Corruption “They should go …@@@” The insult coming out of my neighbor’s lips is unprintable. Giwrgos has just put aside the Sunday newspaper. “Every day we read about a new scandal, today I see at least 5” he says as he grabs again the …

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We write Greek NEPOTISM in Capitals

We write Greek NEPOTISM in Capitals Nepotism – the favoritism granted to relatives and friends regardless of their merits – has been a common practice in Greece. It has been tolerated by a large percentage of the population for ages, since it provided people with guaranteed income and politicians with …

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Greek Financial Crisis causes Nightmares

THIS MORNING I WOKE UP SCREAMING…. I woke up screaming this morning…. I had a nightmare… I was taken “hostage” by a group of people. Were they the notorious and scary Bonds-Speculators? Were they my devoted blog-visitors?  Or even the no-returning visitors? In my dream, we were all in a …

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