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Unknown perpetrators vandalize statue of Alexander the Great in Thessaloniki

Unknown perpetrators have vandalized the statue of Alexander the Great located at the seaside in the center of Thessaloniki, Northern Greece. The perpetrators wrote the word “slaughterer” on the statue pedestal under the inscription bearing the name of the Macedonian king and conqueror. According to local media, the perpetrators first …

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Skopje mayor: Alexander the Great was never part of our regular history

Skopje mayor Petre Shilegov said Greece and the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) are showing a willingness to resolve the decades-old name dispute, in an interview with the Sunday edition of newspaper “Documento”. Speaking to the paper, Shilegov said: “When you want to solve a problem, you solve it. …

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Revival of the Silk Road can boost Greece’s tourism industry

The Silk Road. Two words that always had a magic attraction on me. I am not sure when I first heard about it. Possible in the last years of the elementary school. Most likely I had also seen some pictures or rather paintings in encyclopedias and historical comic books we …

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FYROM Bishop David: Alexander the Great spread the Hellenic language and culture

Occasionally, the truth appears on the surface in all simple frankness even in the media of the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM). The latest case is the recognition of historical truth about Alexander the Great by David Ninov Bishop of Stobi of the POA (“Pravoslavna Ohridska Arhiepiskopija”, English: ”Orthodox …

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August 2014: Greeks discover an ancient tomb and the property tax

This month, August of 2014 has been very important for Greece. The coalition government of Samaras-Venizelos – that is conservative Nea Dimokratia & socialist PASOK- has made two discoveries of great significance and priceless value  for millions of people, in and outside Greece. In August 2014, Greece made two discoveries: …

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Alexander the Great killed by toxic bacteria?

Can a real person die of a mythical cause? Can real Alexander the Great have died of toxic bacteria suspected in the mythical river Stynx, as scolars will try to prove? Alexander the Great was a real person of flesh and bones. He was proclaimed a king at the age of …

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