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Greek Public Power Company to increase welfare levy and fatten electricity bill

I see it coming sooner than we thought: electricity bills will reach exorbitant heights that we, average Greeks won’t be able to pay. We will be obliged to spend our nights with romantic candle lights, cook on a gas stove and wash our clothes per hand – not to mention …

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EOPYY Phone-Number for Doctors’ Appointment To Change as of August 6/2012

The telephone number of National Organisation for Health Care Services (EOPYY) is due to change as of August 6, 2012. Instead of <184> insurers will have to call <14884> or <14900>. At the same time the phone call fees will be raised from 0,03€ per call now to 1,08 euro for …

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Greeks “Freeze” With Heating Oil Prices Up 40%

Despite the rising temperatures Greeks ‘froze’ on Monday morning to hear that heating oil price will go up by 40%. Due to the so-called equalization of the tax for heating oil, one liter will cost €1.45-€1.47 as of next October. One liter costs one euro today. As heating oil is distributed from October …

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UPD2: Toll Fees Hikes as of Feb 1, 2012

UPDATE2: Toll fees prices will increase in all highways. exempted are the highways Corinth-Patras and Attiki Odos. Toll fees prices will be increased at the toll stations of Eleusis and Isthmos as of February 1, 2012, the road construction consortium Olympia Odos announced on Monday. The fees for passangers’ car …

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The Bad News and the Good News

The Bad News: Shipping companies are raising the tickets fares at 8%-12%. Some have applied the increases already, other will follow. That’s a big blow for Eastern tourism on the islands amid the huge economic crisis and recession. The Good News: Tobacco companies have started discount offers for the expensive …

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