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Value Added Tax on fire: Crazy hikes in food & tourism

More than 40,000 food items are been sold with a poisonous 10% Value Added Tax hike as of today and expect to burden the average Greek household with at least 55 euro per month.Beef, coffee, tea, cocoa, spices, sugar, oils – except olive oil, ice-creams, chocolates, but also condoms and …

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Greece -Turkey: tension is high as Ankara tries to conduct research in Cyprus EEZ

A new tension is high between the arch rivals and close neighbors on the west and east of the Aegean Sea, as Turkey is staging one provocation after the other, playing the game the country knows very well: claiming rights in the Aegean and the Eastern Mediterranean Sea. Reason for …

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Greek coast guards ‘catch’ boat with weapons heading to Turkey

Greek coastal guards and anti-terror units arrested four suspects allegedly carrying weapons to Turkey. In the early morning of Tuesday, coastal guards halted a seven-meter rubber boat sailing between the islands of Chios and Oinousses, just a couple of nautical miles away form the Turkish coast southern of Izmir. The …

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One-billion-euro tax evasion per year through renting luxurious villas in Greece – foreigners involved?

I remember some months ago, when veteran politician Manolis Glezos from left-wing SYRIZA had urged tax authorities to investigate tax evasion in connection with rent-a-villa scheme via the internet and other luxury accommodation to foreigners. Glezos had claimed, that the owners of these accommodations in favorite tourist destinations like the …

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Greek PM: We don’t sell our islands!

Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou stressed that Greece will not sell any of its islands to reduce the country’s debt, according to Reuters. “Anything like that is ruled out,” Papandreou told German newspaper Bild, when asked about selling islands.  “You΄ve simply got to understand how important these islands are for …

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