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Hydro-biological Station of Rhodes warns of jellyfish

The Hydro-biological Station of Rhodes issued a statement on Tuesday about the tropical jellyfish that appeared on the beaches of the island in south-eastern Greece. The station not only draw citizens attention to the increased presence of jellyfish Rhopilema nomadica at the beaches of Rhodes it also warns citizens and …

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Purple Jellyfish arrives in Greece in first months of 2023 (map)

The first purple jellyfish of the year, the Pelagia noctilica, has already arrived in Greece’s seas in the first months of 2023. The purple jellyfish remain for another year in Greece and there are already recorded reports in recent weeks. This year, that most records have been reported so far …

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“Army” of brown jellyfish quickly moving from North to South Evia (video)

An “army” of brown jellyfish is quickly swimming under the bridge of Halkida in Euripus Strait, moving from the North to the South of Evia. Thousands of brown jellyfish is being swept away by the tide for which the Strait is famous of. Their speed is extremely high as the …

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JellyReport: Where are the purple jellyfish in first August week

The general picture of the purple jellyfish presence in the Greek seas has significantly improved in the last ten days, however, they are still a headache for many Greeks and tourists on vacations in the Greek blue seas. According to the JellyReport, published on Sunday, July 31, by the Hellenic …

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Jellyfish Alert: Google Map Application for Greece’s beaches

A pioneering application was created by Google: The application shows beaches in Greece where jellyfish have appeared. According to the application, jellyfish is currently in eight beaches across the country: in Avlaki beach in Porto Rafti, East Attica, in Kantare of Corinth, in Anavros, Liri and Kritharia, Magnesia, in Neoi …

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