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Mysterious lights in the sky have Greeks wonder about UFOs

Αn array of bright dots quickly crossed the night sky in Greece late on Saturday sparking rumors and speculations. The mysterious lights were seen in Central and northern Greece but also in parts of Israel, Turkey, Boulgaria, Lebanon. According to local media residents of Fthiotida and thus in various …

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Thessaloniki: Metro construction cranes shine in Christmas mood

The three large cranes at the construction sites of the metro in Thessaloniki were decorated with thousands of Christmas lights and were lit up in a ceremony on Friday. The cranes at the construction sites of the “Syntrivani”, “Agia Sofia” and “New Railway Station” were decorated in the spirit of …

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Greece’s impressive “Christmas Home” is in Kozani (video)

Greece’s “Christmas Home” is in Kozani, Western Macedonia. Thousands of lights are lit every evening for the pleasure of the home owners and the neighbors. The owners told, that the whole procedure of decoration that takes several days provides them so much joy that they pit aside any economic …

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