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Ministry’s “Easter Basket” at supermarkets angers butchers, breeders

The special ‘Easter Basket’ that offers lower-price traditional Easter food items has been effecτive as of Wednesday, April 5, 2023, the Development Ministry announced. The “Easter Basket” contains traditional food items such as lamb and goat meat, sweet Easter bread (tsoureki) and Easter chocolate eggs. The “Easter Basket” is in …

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Smoke rises high as Greeks celebrate Tsiknopempti with lots of grilled meat

You can hardly go around in Greece today, on the famous Tsiknopempti day without noticing the smell of roasted meat rising high from professional and make-shift grills. As early in the morning Greeks fires the charcoal and put delicious meat bites on: sausages, pork and chicken chops, pancetta slices, meatballs, …

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