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Morgan Stanley Faces Charges Over Greek NBG-AlphaBank Merger Talks

 Greek court officials A Greek prosecutor brought charges against Morgan Stanley for alleged inside trading in connection with the planned deal between National Bank of Greece and Alpha Bank in January 2011, a merger plan that failed at the end. According to Greek and international media, charges were brought after investigation …

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Prosecutor to Investigate Greek Left-Extremist Calling for “Guerilla War” Against “Occupation Forces”

I – and many millions other  Greeks – would not know that there is a man openly calling people for a “Guerrilla War” against “the forces of occupation”, meaning Greece’s lenders. We wouldn’t have the slightest idea that such a “resistance war” is carried out with “molotov cocktails, weapons, knives, clubs, excecutions and kidnappings of …

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Prosecutor to Investigate “Exit Polls” Posted by Blogs

The results of exit polls are not allowed to be published before the ballot boxes close at 7 pm. Supreme Court prosecutor ordered urgent investigation as to whether two Greek blogs violated the banning law and posted so-called “exit polls” while the voting is still taking place. The names of the blogs …

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First Time in Greece: A Prosecutor for the Animal Protection

For the first time in Greece, a prosecutor has been assigned and will be responsible for the protection of the animals and the strays. Prosecutor Constantina Aggelopoulou will oversee the cases of animal abuse, poisoning and torturing animals, and all other cases that violate the new animal protection law. Meanwhile the …

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Athens: Journalist Completely Deaf After Police Stun Grenade

 Journalist Manolis Kypraios is completely deaf on both ears after a stun grenade exploded right next to him during the incidents of June 15th, 2011. The reporter for economic newspaper Express was covering the protests of “Indignant” Greeks at Syntagma Square. A policeman fired a stun grenade next to him. …

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