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Travel receipts in Greece up 92.1% in Jan-Aug 2022

Τhe balance of travel services in August 2022 showed a surplus of 3,828.3 million euros, up from a surplus of 3,018.6 million euros in August 2021, according to provisional data released by the Bank of Greece on Monday. More specifically, travel receipts in August 2022 rose by 28.1% to 4,042.9 …

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Shop-owner beats tax officer conducting audits on Patmos island

A local shop-owner beat tax officers conducting audits on the island of Patmos, Dodecanese, on Saturday.  It needed the intervention of two ministers so that local authorities detain the perpetrator. The three tax auditors had arrived on the island of Apocalypse in the context a ‘tax evasion safari’ launched by …

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Tax evasion: state ‘steals’ the state

That’s a true LOL story Made in Greece! The Culture Ministry has been systematically evading taxes for years or even decades or better say: state institutions have been depriving  the state from tax revenues. The incredible tax evasion was revealed at the museum of the the archaeological site of Knossos …

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Upd2: Greece’s Taxation Nightmare – Venizelos Part II

After the uproar triggered by the announcement of receipts collection, Finance Minister E. Venizelos issued a clarifying statement… triggering an even bigger uproar! For two simple reasons, hmmm… in fact three: 1) the state will electronically survey even citizens’ savings 2) the plan hasn’t been thoroughly worked out 3) more clarifications are needed. …

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Speechless Schock! Tax Robbery with Documented Receipts!

I’m sorry (?) to say that but I have reasons to believe Greece is not anymore a ‘state of law’ but a “state of pure absurdity’! The Machivallism unprescendeted, the amateurism exemplary! Those listening to Finance Minister E. Venizelos yesterday, those who managed to understand what he was saying about the …

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Tax Card instead of Receipts Collection

This is the tax card that will help the Greek taxpayer to collect receipts for the income declaration but avoid the masses of nasty small pieces of thin paper. Greeks will give this card by any purchase and the data will be directly transferred to the Finance Ministry. The tax …

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