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The Greece Blame Game Revisited

Greeks have seen this film of  “Greece Blame Game” a thousand times since 2010. At first, it was the Euro crisis, now it is the Refugees. For the European “partners” economically weak Greece is the easy target that can be blamed everything, for all problems of the European Union.  EU’s …

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UPD Tragedy is ‘anonymous’: refugee baby’s body washed up on Kos beach

The body of a baby was found on Sunday morning at the beach of Lambi area on the island of Kos. The baby was reportedly wearing green pants and a gray blouse over a white bodysuit. Authorities estimate the baby was approximately 6 months old. According to latest information the …

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There is also Refugees Crisis in Greece (video)

Unbelievable scenes on the island of Lesvos as refugees try to raid food truck. The incident took place when nearly 2,500 migrants hosted in the camp of Lesvos (Mytilene) municipality in Kara Tepe saw the catering truck approaching. They started to run for a plate with food. Reason fro the …

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