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Austria’s Far-Rights Campaign with Greek… and They Don’t Pay Him a Cent!

Austrian Far-Right “Freedom Party” (FPÖ-The Social Home Party)  Steiermark  branch have recently presented their campaign for the next autumn elections. 

FPÖ has started already to pollute the beautiful environment of Steiermark and insult the aesthetic of driving motorists, non-political tourists and shopping citizens, with several hundred posters hanging everywhere in the area.

Their posters urge ….hmm…. the Austrian government, I guess… to stop any package aid to Greece.


“Besser: Unser Geld für unsre Leut!“ (“Better: Our Money to Our Folks”) they shout in dialect German. The posters feature a  dark and greedy looking creature with big moustache, big hand, big smile and big sunglasses swinging on a hammock made out the Greek Flag. The guy needs a big hand so he can receive the big money out of the pockets of the Austrian taxpayer.

FPÖ explains on the party’s official website that “the poster is in the form of a Greek comic depicted, namely, Spiros Latsis, the speculator, the richest Greek, who invested billions of Euros in government bonds and now hopes to get help from the EU.”

  ← no moustache on Spiros Latsis

 Spiros Latsis is rather good looking, rather blond and rather sun-scaring guy. He has not a sign of moustache, probably because he was raised outside Greece. Not only he was ranked 51 among the World’s Richest People in 2006, not only he heads one of Europe’s biggest fortunes but he is also – most important of all arguments – uncle of Paris Latsis once upon a time fiancé to Paris Hilton.

      Paris & Paris

I always thought Austrians with their singing intonation, waltzing robes, Sissy’s film legacy and Jelinek’s brittle style were a folk of culture, good manners and joyful like Hans Moser.

Steiermark’s FPÖs definetily provokes by the means of  “scapegoating”, so it can stresses  the contrast between  poor and rich. That has always been a  cheap and indeed very dangerous method through out the history of mankind. At the same time it  covers the  party’s cultural ignorance and  spiritual poverty while exposing a rare bad taste -to say it polite and Internet conformed.  It’s not a secret that Austrian Far-Rights are as populists as their German cousins working for Bild newspaper. They had come first with their anti-Spiros Latsis campaign some months ago….

I personally have nothing in common with Spiros Latsis. His wealth and my wealth have a difference twice the distance between the Earth and the Moon, if not more than twice… I don’t even put a step at the doors of his banks.

But to be so arrogant and tactless and vomit on other people’s lap can be understood as an insult to a whole folk that is  proud to hold or even swing  a Greek flag.   

Greek as “Turkish yogurt”

And by the way… you‘d better take down your posters because Latsis might sue you. You know, like the Greek guy, who sued a Swedish dairy for having him selling yogurt and presenting him as a … Turk! After a short and quick trial Minas Karatzoglis was paid out 212,000 euros (they were freshly printed, I heard).

 Original text:

Plakatkampagne der steirischen Freiheitlichen zur Landtagswahl

Die steirischen Freiheitlichen haben bei einer Pressekonferenz ihre Werbelinie für die Landtagswahl im Herbst präsentiert. Auf mehreren hundert Plakaten, wird der Spruch „Unser Geld für unsre Leut“ zu sehen sein. Die erste Kampagne richtet sich gezielt gegen das derzeitige von SPÖ und ÖVP beschlossene Milliardenpaket Österreichs für Griechenland. Auf dem Plakat ist in Comic-Form ein Grieche abgebildet, nämlich der Spekulant Spiros Latsis, der reichste Grieche, der Milliarden Euro in Staatsanleihen investiert hat und nun auf Hilfe der EU hofft. Er ist gemeinsam mit einigen Banken, der größte Profiteur des Paketes für Griechenland. Latsis, auf dessen Yacht Kommissionspräsident Barroso oft zu Gast ist steht als Synonym für die gierigen Banker, die die einzigen sind, die von der Geldspritze der EU profitieren. Für den steirischen FPÖ-Chef Gerhard Kurzmann sollte das Geld für den Kampf gegen die Arbeitslosigkeit in Österreich eingesetzt werden: „Die freiheitliche Partei als soziale Heimatpartei ist immer der Überzeugung, daß wenn wir Kredite auf dem Währungsmarkt aufnehmen müssen, diese Gelder dann für österreichische Interessen eingesetzt werden sollen. Wir wollen aber nicht, dass Kredite – also  geliehenes Geld – in einem fremden Land versenkt werden“, so Kurzmann.

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