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My Prefect Greek Cheese-Spinach Pies for Lazy!

I think it’s high time to post a food recipe – some blog visitor has even complained that “he will have to eat my Christmas stuff until Eastern” if I don’t add new recipes…. I think his complain reached me four weeks ago lol. On the occasion of possible Carnival parties and buffets, on the occasion of the upcoming Sunday, that is called also “Tyrini” meaning “Sunday Of Cheese”  -or “Off Cheese” maybe? – heeeere aaare …

My Perfect Cheese-Spinach Pies for Lazy!

I call them “for Lazy”, because they are very quick in preparation. I hate standing in the kitchen cleaning two kilos of spinach and other greens, trying to double fold ‘Fyllo’ pastry, brush ten thousand leaves with oil or even fry 2,500 party snacks. Exaggeration? Right!

The main idea is based on deep-frozen pie crusts, the ready small and round cut one, and a 12-muffins baking form.


First of all I buy the round deep-frozen pies crusties. there is a version in quarters, it won’t harm. I prefer those called “Kourou” – Kuru in Greek, which ia a rather dry crust, more similar to the American pie crusts – and not “Sfoliata” – puff pastry which is a bit more oily. The package of the brand I buy contains 20 round pieces – OK, once it had only 17, go figure….

 Let Crusts unfreeze-20 minutes

Further, I get together the rest of my igredients:

1/5 kilo of fresh Spinach, 2 small Eggs, Black Pepper, 250 gr mixed Cheese grated and 40 gr Blue Cheese – I grate it too. Ops! Do not forget 30 gr of cracked Walnuts, some Cream and 1 Garlic glove for the luxurious version!

In fact you can choose any cheese you like – it’s a perfect solution for cheese lelft overs. It only has to have a balanced taste.

I quickly wash the spinach, drain it, separate the leaves and let them fall together in a closed sauce pan with 2 spoons of water. For the lux version: melt less than teaspoon butter and a garlic glove in thin slices in a saucepan, add the spinach on the top, close it and let it fall together for less than 5 minutes. Remove the spinach from pan and throw away the garlic

I mix the mix cheese with blue cheese, eggs and cream. The mass should be rather dry. Try with more cheese or less cream.

I brush the muffin form with a bit of olive oil and apply the crusts

I add 1/2 teaspoon of the cheese mass

On top I add one spinach leave, some walnuts and another 1/2 spoon of cheese mass. Do not let them stand for ling time before baking because then the egg does not go up!

I bake in preheated oven at 200 degrees Celsius for 25 minutes , or until it looks golden….

My favorite cheese combination for this pies is with Parmesan, Blue Cheese and something sweeter like Graviera or Kaseri or whatever… Another possibility is to omit the spinach.

Enjou with white wine, beer or a nice cup of tea!

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