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Amy Winehouse: Too “Finished” to Continue – Cancels Concert in Athens

After a disastrous concert in Belgrad, Serbia, Amy Winehouse decided to cancels her concerts in Greece and Turkey. It looks as if this was a wise decision because in Serbia, Winehouse earned only boos from angry fans, precisely Winehouse’s ex-fans. In a country with the lowest salaries in Europe, fans had paid 45 euro to get a show that they will keep in mind as a story to tell their great grand children. It was the worst concert in the British star’s career.

Most likely drunk, Winehouse was more involved in scratching her arms than performing some of her divine songs with her once amazing contralto voice.  After stumbling around on stage, back and forth, left and right,  she did managed to sing a line or two at the end, however they were mostly slurred and mumbled than sung out. She had arrived on stage with an hour delay and the audience was angry at her anyway. The disaster took a new dimension when she greetedher fans saying “Hello, Athens!”.  However, she managed to stay on stage for whole 70 miniutes.

Amy Winehouse who had alcohol and drugs problems in the past, canceled her concert in Athens, on upcoming Wednesday, and in Istanbul, Turkey a couple of days later.  In Athens “Eject Festival” organizers announced a 10-euro-reduction in the ticket price.

Unless there is some extraordinary development, Winehouse plans to give her concert in Bilbao, Spain in July. Maybe….

Video from Belgrad Concert

Amy Winehouse live in Serbia – Belgrade 18.06.2011 by AceVideos

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  1. What a horror. If her father hadn’t abused her as a baby… she could have become something… but its a no-go… this is one finished trauma slave. Adele is more interesting really… No need to use her bashed, used, abused body… just great talent… pure talent!

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