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Daily Archives: June 23, 2011

UN warns of Greek austerity, criticizes IMF

The United Nations warned that the austerity measures in countries like Greece threaten a global recovery and it criticized the lending conditions set by institutions such as the IMF. Here is the very interesting approach by the UN. But as we have seen repeatedly in the past, hardly somebody pays …

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(Upd) Protesting Police Officers Divide “Indignant” Greeks at Syntagma Sq (video)

 The arrival of protesting police officers at Syntagma Square divided the “Indignant” Greeks as policemen not so seldom clash with protesters, making often extensive use of tear gas and use of violence. Protesters  in ‘lower’ Square rejected the protesting policemen, while those in ‘upper’ square welcomed them. “Lower” square protesters have been camping there for 29th …

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Finally! Greek Deputies to Pay 5% Solidarity Tax

That was high time! That elected members of this debt-ridden country put also their hand deeper in their pockets as citizens do since one year. Finance Minister Evangelos Venizelos announced during a press conference, that a 5% -special-contribution will be applied to lawmakers, elected municipality officials and other high ranking …

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Trikala: Youngsters Kill Ducklings in Municipality Park

An appalling spectacle was awaiting this morning the municipality workers of Trikala, when they went to clean the river bank of Lithaios. They found the bodies of the four little ducks living in a fenced area and swimming in the river, without a sign of life. The abused bodies of …

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Surreal Greece: Taxation According to Age Criteria

That Greeks have been living in real surreal conditions, is something that people live here have been knowing for decades. But now, in times of the Troika, things are getting more and more absurd.  After the tough bargain between the Troika technocrats and Greek Finance Minister on Thursday morning (I will report about …

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Big Scale Match-Fixing Scandal Blows and Sweeps Greek Soccer

A legal file with 93,000 pages, powerful names of local soccer officials,  at least 90 suspects and 41 fixed matches are reportedly involved the big scale scandal that sweeps through the Greek soccer and shakes the county. Presidents of Football Clubs, referees, soccer players and bookmakers they give the jack of the porsecutors’ door in …

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