Health Minister Lashes Out Against Greek Civil Servants

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 Greece Health Minister Anderas Loverdos lashed out against civil servants claiming that they were responsible for the country’s current situation. Speaking at the Parliament one day after the Finance minister announced sweeping changes in the structure of the public administration, Loverdos said

“There is one million civil servants who bait on ten million people with the assurance that the public sector is for life, and so we came where we came.”

Banishing the evil public sector

Unfortunately Andreas Loverdos refrained from mentioning the own responsibilities, the responsibilities of big and even small political parties that fed for decades the public sector with flocks of civil servants to gain votes and maintain their ruling positions. (That’s just a short memory re-freshener…), Blaming the society and leave the own tail and responsibility outside does not help much, neither it solves any problems, does it?

I believe the moment our politicians will accept their own responsibilities for the economic situation of Greece, I could say that something is changing indeed. The rest is Public Relations tricks, small mirrors and fake pearls for indigenous people (by all respect for the indigenous people).