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Horror! “Parents” Hide Child in a Suitcase

That’s unbelievable! A pair of foreigners hid an eight-year-old boy in a suitcase and loaded it into the storage space of a coach bus! Operators of the bus and passengers were more than stunned when Igoumenitsa Port Authorities asked the bus personnel to open the suitcase: A child was curled inside the luggage. The bag belonged to an Iranian with German passport. The man was accompanied by an Afghan woman who had with her another child, two years old.

There is suspicion that the horror transport has to do with human organs trafficking.

The couple is being interrogated separately from each other, so authorities will find out why the child was in the suitcase and if the child belongs to them.

igoumenits Port Authorities. Western Greece, acted upon a tip-off, says Greek newspaper Proto Thema on its online edition.

It was a miracle that the child survived his enclosure and did not die of suffocation.

Incredible, isn’t it?

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