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Athens Metro 48h Strike, Dec 8-9/11 CANCELLED!

Athens Metro strike scheduled for December 8-9th 2011 has been cancelled!


Workers at Athens Metro will be on two 24-hour strike from Thursday, December 8th at 5 am until Saturday, December 10th, 2011 at 5 am. The Metro workers launch their strike to protest the attack against their union president last Tuesday.

The president of the Athens Metro union and one more member were taken to hospital in Athens on Tuesday, after a dispute with their colleagues from the Urban Train HSAP. The Metro-unionists claimed the HSAP-union chief and some members attacked them with pepper spray.

The incident occurred at a meeting between several unions of workers at the Public Transport on rails. Some unions agreed on an upcoming strike,  others disagree and at the end, two unionists went to the hospital.

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  1. HSAP-union chief and some members attacked them with pepper spray

    What?! You’ve gotta be kiddin’!!! A million or so people are being affected by this for two days because a handful of subway personnel beat up another handful of subway workers?
    Please, let someone arrest them all and replace them with people who want to work and are showing a maturity fitting for a job in which you are responsible for the safety and well being of all those commuters. Because these idiots are clearly not… 🙄

  2. keeptalkinggreece

    I’m going on 14h strike because my cat showed me her nails. We were supposed to be playing and have fun.

  3. Not long ago, in fact yesterday, I had that kind of thing with my dog. He grabbed a male cat outside and started shaking it. And he was even on the leach. You can not grab, because you will be mauled by dog AND cat. No gratitude in this world. Luckily I had a monopod with me. So I started poking on the dogs nose and the cats back. He came loose, but then turned around to give my dog a heave on it’s nose. Not smart. Dog had the cat by it’s tail and prepared for a huge deadly shake. But tail is small to hang on to. I managed to put the monopod on the cat and janked the dog back. And at last they separated. Without to much blood, I am glad to say. Cat fled. Doggy and I were stinking like hell because kitty had sprayed everything it had in his blatter around.
    But do you see me on strike? I just take it like a m… mmmm… well it is tempting, two days strike!
    Nah… to much work ethic bread into me. The curse of the North, I call it. 😛

  4. you are letting all greeks down by not striking antonis. i will go on strike in response to your decision not to strike :). please reconsinder striking. you can close a main road in your city demanding that cats and dogs learn to get along and until they do you can be on paid strike.

  5. Strike The Non-Strikers! NOW!

  6. I never will strike my dog, dear Vassilis. Never! I might strike a cat, because I can handle that 5 kg of nails and teeth. But striking a 45 kg 4 years old male German Shepherd that lived his whole puberty on the streets of Sparti and hates Greek MEN??? You are welcome to try and strike him. Molon Labe, like they used to say around here. But it might be your last strike ever. 😈
    But seriously: Any news about the possibility of a judge striking the strike? Or are they on strike too? 😆

  7. keeptalkinggreece

    strike a cat? Thinking of reconsidering you further comment in this blog ….. BTW: you can strike a dog. I once did against my Border Collie ( he 36 kg, me 48). We both won in defending our rights. He a little more. With his power of mind, not his weight lol

  8. id like to make a disclaimer. i never implied that a cat or dog or any other pet should be struck, the word strike was reffering to the act of not going to work. only time ive actually struck a dog was when one was trying to bite my leg off while i was on a motorbike. i kicked/pushed him away and he only got away with part of my trouser leg. there is no way to strike a cat.

  9. keeptalkinggreece

    I refer to strike also as ‘rlay down work’. I could strike my cat if I ‘lay down my hugs to her’ lol Somebody got my joke wrong lol

  10. you mean like elmira from tiny toons KTG? who would hug her pets till their eyes popped out and they would try and escape? 🙂

  11. keeptalkinggreece

    AAAaaaAAAAAA! I mean a simple hug and pat-pat on the cats’ head.