“I am Hellene” Greek Actress Katerina Moutsatsou’s Controversial Video

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Katerina Moutsatsou is a Greek actress who chose an original way to scream out her frustration. A video performance called “I’m Hellene!”. A bit her Hellenism,  a bit her copy of the Canadian beer commercial ” I am Canadian“, a bit her own performance and the bit of patriotic clichees sparked a “war” among Greek internet users. With one half of the user to hail her and the other half to sharply criticize her.

Video: I am Hellene (English with Greek subtitles)

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Free-lance journalists Asterios Masouras  picked up some of the twitter comments. Some are in English, the majority in Greek though. Here I have translated one or two:

– “Hellene am I who cooks every morning chickpeas and then runs around to submit CVs to get a job”

– “For me the proble is not whether the ‘foreigner’ will call me ‘Greek’ or ‘Hellene’ but whether the native will fire me”

-“The attitude that we launched the world, and others should bow in front of us is tragic, my Hellene”

-“This country need a f….. hard reboot”

-” The video is so tragic, I am almost ashamed to be Greek”

On her Facebook page Moutsatsou wrote, she just spoke out when everybody in the world speaks bad about the Greeks.

Below the text of her video performace, Moutsatsou posted in her YouTube channel:


I’m neither a public service worker, nor a thief. 

And, I don’t drink ouzo, break plates or say Opa in my daily life. Oh and I don’t know Yorgo, Yanni, or Niko from Greece, although I am certain that they’re really really nice… 

My country is a democracy, actually it invented the concept… 

I speak Greek and five other languages, and most of the people from my country speak at many foreign languages… 

I could probably sew my country’s flag in my backpack, but Greece’s heritage goes far beyond the geographical borders. It invented the West… 

I believe in Hellenism… The entire world aspires to its ideals…

And if I owe anybody any money today -and by the way I am not the only one- it’s because I invented the idea of a free market! 
And if you critique me today, it’s because I invented the idea of critique.

I believe in Freedom , so if I need to, I protest… 

I believe in the joy of life. I have the right to. There’s nothing wrong with that!

I can swim in the waters of over 6000 islands!

My country is of exceptional beauty, and tradition. And my family is a sacred institution!

You call me Greek, but it’s Hellene, NOT Greek, HELLENE!

My name is Katerina…

And I am Hellene…”

Katerina Moutsatsou lives currently in Los Angeles, USA

PS And what do you, KTG-readers, think about the video?