Greek Health Minister to Ciminalize Unsafe S*x Due to HIV Positive Prostitutes

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Sometimes I have the feeling Greek authorities are drawn inside one spoon full of water. After the arrest of at least 12  HIV-positive prostitutes that exposed an alarming number of brainless customers and the lack of suffiecient state health controls in the dark corridors of “love” for sale, Greek Health Minister Andreas Loverdos proposed the criminalization of s*x with prostitutes without condom.

Speaking at a press conference on Wednesday morning Loverdos described the customers as “donkeys” for not using condoms when in touch with prostitutes. “50% of the responsibility is on the prostitutes and 50% is on their customers,” he said. Describing the customer’s behaviour as “grave negligence”, Loverdos noted that “They ignore everything, they go without protection to uncontrolled areas and then return to their wives, to their stable relationships and infect them.”

The usually upset minister said also that even the customers’ pictures should be published. Indeed, Loverdos went so far to say that “there should be a criminal liability for those seeking unsafe s*x with prostitutes.”

While experts and media speak of a “health bomb” in downtown Athens, Chairwoman of Centre for Disease Protection & Prevention, Jenny Kremastinou, said that after the publication of the names and pictures of the 12 prostitutes on Sunday evening, more than 1,600 men called the centre and asked for advice. Kremastinou said several phone callers were married men with families. And that the majority of all the men they called were between 35 to 45 years old.

Kremastinou said also that from the end of 2010 onward, the AIDS spread increased at 1,250%among users of “intravenous drugs” and 52% among the general polulation.

Concerning the criticism about publishing the names and pictures of the HIV positive women, Loverdos answered that this action aims to protect public health.

As ‘brainlessity’ is a disease difficult to cure and before publicly expose our male partners to the delight of grumpy old aunties and judging mothers-in-law, or charge police-officers to “missions-impossible”, Greek Health Ministry could launch an urgent Safe-S*x campaign – as a friendly and constructive reminder