Merkel Orders Greeks: “Euro-Referendum” Together With June Elections

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German Chancellor Angela Merkel “ordered” Greeks to hold a ‘euro referendum’ together with June elections. Merkel conveyed her ….thoughts to president Karolos Papoulias when she called him on Friday morning. In a statement released by the office of the Greek prime minister, it is said that Panagiotis Pikrammenos briefed the leaders of the seven parliament parties on the content of the conversation between Merkel and Papoulias.

“Mrs. Merkel reiterated the EU support to Greece’s efforts to overcome the crisis. She also mentioned that the EU intends to consider strengthening policies for growth and to combat unemployment in Europe. The issue of development is also a key issue to be addressed by the Special EU Summit on 23 May in Brussels.

“She also conveyed to the President of the Republic thoughts about a referendum alongside elections, a referendum with the question whether Greek citizens wish to stay in the eurozone.

It is obvious that the issue is outside the responsibilities of the caretaker government. “

How the Greeks reacted to the blatant intervention to the politics of a sovereign state? To the unprecendent case that the leader of a state asks another souvereign state to hold a referentum?

 From what I heard on TV, Venizelos (PASOK) said a referendum is not possible due to long-lasting preparations.

Kouvelis (Democratic Left) rejected the idea.

Communist KKE rejected it right away.

A professor of Constitutional Law told MEGA TV that, a referendum needs:

 A) cabinet decision, which is not possible by an interim government

B) majority voting at the Parliament – the parliament is to be dissolved tomorrow Friday due to June-17 elections

C) A question “Yes or No to Euro” is problematic

A friendly reminder: when ex PM Papandreou brought the euro-referendum on the agenda in November 2011 in Cannes, Merkel threatened him with euro exit.


PS what do they drink, over there in Germany?