Patras: 8 Policemen Injured after Chrysi Avgi Supporters Attack

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Hand-to-hand fighting. Scenes of incredible ferocity as supporters of Chrysi Avgi attacked policemen with rafters, iron sticks, stones and fire bombs in Patras on Tuesday night. Unprecedented was the incident in which one protester stole a police motorcycle and fled to unknown direction.

Video: stealing police motorcycle

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According to local news portal ,  the motorcycled units of police had rushed to the spot where the incidents were taking place. There they got surrounded by a group wearing helmets who pushed them down off the motorcycles and started to beat them.

Accoridng to police, some 350 Chrysi Avgi supporters who came also from other cities, were among the protesting residents.

Eight policemen and five citizens were slightly injured during the brawl. Twenty-two people, Greeks and immigrants, were detained.


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 According to local media, angry residents of Patras and supporters of extreme-right party Chrysi Avgi tried to storm an abandoned factory illegally occupied by immigrants. The protest started after a 30-year-old resident was stabbed to death by three Afghans.


The incidents lasted until 2 o’ clock in the morning with the angry mob attempting twice to storm the factory. Once with a bulldozer…

The port city in north-western Peloponnese experiences a huge immigrants problem as Patras is the country’s exit to Italy. Residents have been complaining since a long time about the issue that is combined with high crime rate, saying that they are even afraid to go on the street due to the increased number of immigrants.

Greece is at the cross road of millions of immigrants traveling to Europe. Lack of effective state policies have mounted into a problem that can hardly be taken under control.

Extreme-right Chrysi Avgi (Golden Dawn) took advantage of the immigrants’ issue and managed to elect 21 Members of the Parliament at the May6-elections.

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