Athens: Three More Migrants Beaten by Unknown Attackers on Motorcycles

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Two more incidents of racists attacks took place on Friday evening in Athens just a couple of kilometers away where unknown motorcyclists stabbed a man from Albania  and two men from Poland a day earlier.

Greek media report that a convoy of some 50 people on motorcycles was moving around in the Chamosternas/Piraeus Avenue area, when they stopped outside a grill diner, entered and beaten a migrant. The man was employee at the grill diner.

The attackers left, before storng police forces arrived at the area. According to unconfirmed reports, some people have been detained.

Grill personnel aids the beaten migrant – picture by journalist Alexandra Tzavela.

 News portal News It reports, that two more migrants were beaten while at  Iera Odos Avenue, near downtown Athens. They were slightly injured.

UPDATE: Daily To Ethnos reports on it swebsite that the daughter of N. Michaloliakos, leader of extreme-right party Chrysi Avgi was detained shortly after midnight. “The attackers beat the migrant with the hands at several parts of hi sbody. The attackers were later surrounded by police units, among the detainees from the area where th eincident took place was the daughter of N. Michaloliakos.”