Greece vs Germany: The Mother of All EURO-Battles?

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Wild at heart. Anticipation is high among the Greeks – and the Germans, I would assume – for the soccer match upcoming Friday, June 22/2012 as the two teams will unfold their talents at Arena Gdansk in Poland for the EURO 2012 quarter-finals.

The match is to start at 09:45 pm (Greek time) amid a heavy euro zone crisis, a huge Greek debt crisis and with the two nations to have provoked each other with all possible and impossible articles and caricatures during the last two years, since Greece sought international financial aid in May 2010.

German MorgenPost: Greeks Want to See Us Suffer/ Bring Merkel to US

“Greeks want revenge. Friday’s match is more than a game for them. Greeks wants to win in order to heal their wounds, even for a while. They want to be a night when big Germany will suffer, as long and as violent as possible.”

Furthermore, the policies of German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble have been perceived by Greeks as “extremely blackmailing”  and “provocative” triggering lots of anger and antipathy among the debt-ridden nation.

Αυτή η Εθνική ομάδα είναι όμορφη,  Αγγελική πλασμένη...

Aggeliki-Adrianna G., 26: Greek father/Polish mother – the most WOW-supporter of Greek Team

Football players from both Greece and Germany  say “politics will play no role.”

“We can’t tangle up politics with soccer” Giorgos Samaras said in an interview, “it’s just a game.” He added Greece national Team plays for 11 million of Greeks who will be waiting to cheer.

Greece in nothing to lose - Football - Euro 2012

Greece’s National Team after Defeating Russia

Captain Karagounis Banned from Friday Game

“The absence of Greece captain Giorgos Karagounis will be hard to fill, according to manager Fernando Santos.

Karagounis was booked for diving in the 1-0 win over Russia which earned Greece second place in Group A.

The yellow card rules him out of Friday’s last-eight meeting with Germany, a decision that looked harsh with replays showing the midfielder should not have been booked for diving after he had been clipped by Sergei Ignashevich.” (

Members of Greek National Team will wear black armbands to honour former manager of Greece’s national team Alketas Panagoulias, who passed away on June 18, 2012. Greece’s Football Federation requested also UEFA that one minute of silence will be held before the match.

PS I’ve been considering to have a live blogging for comments on Friday. But I’m afraid there would be much too many eF-words…. What do you think?