German FinMin’ EURO2012 Bet: “Germany- Greece 3:1” HA!

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 It looks as if Germany is formally trembling ahead the meeting on Friday, where the blue-white hurricane  will sweep the black-red-gold team far away from Arena Gdansk.

The Greek national side celebrate after beating Russia at the Euro 2012 championships at the National Stadium in Warsaw.

Greece’ National Dream Team after beating Russia EURO 2012

To boost the defeat German spirit, Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble resorted to the old-known tricks of threat and blackmail, something we, Greeks, have repeatedly seen in the context of Greek-debt-euro-exit issue.

Speaking to German weekly DIE ZEIT, “talented” diplomat Schaeuble said:

“The Greeks have played great against Russia. This is not an easy game. But the German team is in top form. And so I think that Germany wins with 3:1.”

Meanwhile I heard that the match Germany vs France for the EUROGROUP CUP could end with a disaster of 4:13. Germany, Holland, Austria and Finland may support Schaeuble as head of eurogroup, but all the rest will support Moscovici. Or not?