49% of Germans Want Greeks Out Of the Euro Zone

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49% of the Germans believe that Greece has to abandon the Euro zone. This is the result of a survey conducted by TNS Enmid for the German weekly FOCUS.

According to the preliminary publication of the survey, 43% of the respondents believe that Greece has to remain in the eurozone, while 8% does not answer the question.

In a similar survey conducted in June, 47% of the respondents favored Greece in the EZ and 46% favoring return to Drachma.

The survey was conducted between July 4-5, 2012 among 1,000 people.

I would also propose a survey with the question: How can media influence public opinion.

Last May, Focus-rival DER SPIEGEL wrote in an article entitled : Why Greece Needs to Leave the Euro Zone

 “In Greece’s Best Interest

It’s time to rethink the treatment. The Greeks were never ready for the monetary union, and they still aren’t ready today. The attempt to retroactively bring the country up to speed through reforms has failed.

No one can force the Greeks to give up the euro. And yet it is now clear that withdrawal would also be in the country’s best interest.

It isn’t a matter of abandoning the Greeks. Greece is and remains an important part of Europe. A Greek withdrawal from the euro will have serious social, political and economic consequences — mostly for the Greeks, but also for the rest of Europe. The continent’s solidarity is not tied to the euro, which is why other European countries will still have to support Greece with massive amounts of money.

But only a Greek withdrawal from the euro zone will give the country a chance to get back on its feet in the long term. The Greeks would have their own currency once again, which they could then devalue, making imports more expensive and exports cheaper. As a result, say American economist Kenneth Rogoff and others, the Greek economy could become competitive again.

At the same time, a Greek exit from the euro would send a strong message to other financially ailing countries, namely that Europe cannot be blackmailed. Populist politician Tsipras is merely expressing views that are already widespread within large segments of the Athens establishment, namely that the Europeans will ultimately give in and pay up, because they fear a Greek bankruptcy as much as people in the Middle Ages feared the Black Death.”

And if we’re not dead we live happily to read German press articles. With the Euro or the Drachma. We read them free of charge on internet anyway.