Lamia: Doctor, 64, Commits Suicide in front of His Family

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The thriller that started early on Monday morning shocking local community of Lamia found a tragic end. A 64-year-old radiologist jumped from the fifth floor and died in front of the eyes of his wife and his daughter, rescue teams and bystanders who watched the incident holding their breath.

For two and a half hours, police, firefighters, colleagues and  family members were trying to convince the desperate man not to put an end to his life. A special negotiator was called in. All efforts were in vain.

The man was standing outside the window at the fifth floor of the public General Hospital in Lamia, Central Greece, for more than two hours.

The reasons for this desperate act are not very clear. Some Greek media claim, the radiologist was suffering from psychological problems and was receiving treatment. Other media claim the man had economic problems as he had retired six months ago, but had received his pension not yet.

Local news portal, Lamia Report, writes citing friends and colleagues of the man, that the fact that he had not received his pension yet had changed his behaviour in the recent time and he was depressed.

He was father of two children.

Another victim of the economic crisis that plagues Greeks? The act of a man who suffered from a heavy from of depression? A combination of the two?

We cannot know for sure. But one thing is certain: suicides recorded a sharp increase  since the beginning of the crisis two years ago.