Is Juncker Afraid to Chat with Alexis Tsipras About the Euro-Headache Over a Glass of Aspirin?

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Head of Eurogroup Jean Claude Juncker is already packing his luggage. He is due to arrive in  Athens at 2:30 p.m., tomorrow Wednesday, August 22nd 2012. Three hours later, at 5:30 Juncker will meet with Prime Minister Antonis Samaras. After the meeting they will make statements to the media [and the Greeks, I suppose]. Then Juncker will visit the Acropolis Museum and will attend a dinner organized by Samaras to his honour. 

Juncker is scheduled to leave Athens at 1:30 pm on the following day.

However and odd enough, there is no meeting planned in Juncker’s official program with the leader of the main opposition party, Alexis Tsipras (SYRIZA). Even though there was a request for a meeting with the eurogroup chief from the side of SYRIZA, as Greek media reported.

Is Juncker afraid to meet one of the “most dangerous politicians in Europe?”

Of course, he has enough free  time until he heads to Athens airport on Thursday. Therefore a meeting between Juncker and Tsipras should not be definitely excluded…

A last-minute change in Junckers’ plans possible?  Sharing  breakfast with Tsipras? Or just a cup of coffee? Or even chat on the euro-headache over a glass of water with a bubbling  aspirin?

PS It looks as if Mrs Juncker does not intend to hide a taper ware with a keftadaki, a dolmadaki and bowl of  tzatziki in Jean Claude’s suitcase…