Sunday , January 21 2018
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KTG is Not in the Mood to Go Back Home…

I’m not sure, I want to return home. In fact, I do not want to. At least, not yet. When I read and hear the news nothing has changed for and in Greece. Not even after Prime Minister Samaras meeting with German ChancellorAngela Merkel and French President Francois Hollande. Maybe the atmosphere changed a bit, Merkel stated the one or other positive things, but the essence is the same: “Greeks have to do with homework first!”. That is proceed with structural reforms and privatizations, cut state expenses, raise money and fill state registers to pay back the loan, the rescue package.

Nothing has changed in terms of government work. The new austerity package of 11.5 billion euro has not been announced yet. Coalition government partners still struggle to get the billions together. They still struggle to find ‘equivalent measures’ and avoid some others that would decrease wages and pensions.

Nothing has changed also in the pure Greek reality. Pharmacists will block again insured patients from prescription medicine on credit.

Metro workers plan a work stoppage on Saturday.

Now that the summer lightness is over and days get smaller, recession mood is about to break out again.

I do not want this. I’d rather stay here and watch the local cats come out from their hide out in the afternoon and lay down in the cooling shadow.

 PS Thousand and One things are awaiting for me at home. I’m just not in the mood to take these challenges now. Maybe a couple of days later? 🙁 🙂




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  1. You’ll have my regrets!
    In deaply understanding and as I’m living in a country far away witout your limits…
    I want to go back, but dare I?


  2. Don’t you just feel like becoming one of those cats and joining them in the shade…

  3. keeptalkinggreece

    certainly. and get under the car in winter.

  4. or seduce a little old lady with a basket and warm dry kitchen? I’m not a little old lady but have been adopted by 3 cats that way. They’re bloody good at it…:)

  5. keeptalkinggreece

    so far I made my donation to an old lday who was adopted by 4 adult cats (incl a mama who gave birth to 4) and a tiny white …something. Problem is the lady can hardly afford to feed them…

  6. That is indeed a problem, most people cannot afford to keep pets anymore and the pets, but also a lot of people do indeed end up on the streets.

  7. I know exactly what you mean. I think. I will be back on Saturday. And I was longing for it. I thought. But now it is Monday evening. 5 Days to go. And I don’t feel happy or excited. Just numb and sad.
    Yes, nothing seems to have changed a bit. And I am so afraid to be confronted with what will meet me when I get home.
    Reading about the Chrysi meet at Thermopylae does not help one bit. They are claiming Leonidas. They are claiming MY Leonidas and raping him. But they are even denying my right to call him ‘mine’. And when you happen to have blood type B you are definitely fit to be kicked out of Greece.
    Knowing that almost 1 in 10 of my fellow villagers voted for this is suddenly becomming more and more clear. Of the 100 people who will be sitting under the 3 plane trees in the plateia this weekend 10 will agree with them.
    When I left three months ago… or better… when I arrived here three months ago, I was surprised that people were so relaxed and happy around here. That was not how I remembered it. One of my best friends pointed then out that I was dead wrong, but that it showed how stressfull and tense the situation back in Greece had become the last couple of years. Being in the middle of that did not make clear HOW hight those tension levels had grown.
    Now, three months later, I can not imagine that those levels have eased off.
    And on another level: what businesses will still be open or open in September? Which friends will still have paying jobs. Who will still be there?
    All questions for which I am afraid to see the answers.
    I always felt I was coming home when I stepped out of the airplane or off of the ferry. Will I still feel that?
    5 nights to go and I will know…

  8. keeptalkinggreece

    these special cats are village strays , I suppose, who found the lady when she moved to her summer house in July. I guess they will have to seek their own destiny and food when the lady returns home. At least they get something to eat until middle of September. the n the kitten will be a little grown up too and their mom can teach them hunting *sigh*

  9. keeptalkinggreece

    thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with us, Antonis. It’s like diving in the same cold water hole. I also realized that the crisis reached the islands. Last year it was more in the big cities. Andinteresting to mention, that yes, people elsewhere are relaxed..

  10. Hi. KTG, I hope you will enjoy your vacation, however long you decide to extend it. I have some friends in Greece I sometimes email. I don’t know sometimes what I should mention. I am scared they might think I am negative and all gloom and doom if I mention stuff or ask things like they still have their jobs though I worry about this. Sometimes I feel guilty for I cannot really offer any help having gotten laid off myself some months ago and still being unemployed.Sometimes I feel guilty for mentioning things in my life that must seem so trivial to them or selfish, like what birthday gift to get a child or hanging around in a mall to relieve boredom on the weekends,etc. I know even on your vacation you are still thinking of the conditions in your country. Do you or anyone else ever wonder if GD might really might take over the country or some sort of a war situation might happen? I know this is really bad, but I have heard the latter situation being raised as a possibility by a Greek living out of Greece. What I don’t like is how the world just watches all these ordinary people take cuts, lose jobs. I feel like krap not having a job and it depresses the hell out of me, and I only have a cat as a dependent and student loan interest only payments that aren’t too big anymore. What also annoys me is after all this suffering, the Greek debt has just gotten bigger by tens of billions of euros. If it is just going to continue to grow in spite of everything, why keep going with such a plan? I hear that it was government mismanagemet and corruption that caused a lot of this mess. I hope the ones responsible feel guilty and will try to get the country out of this mess.

  11. keeptalkinggreece

    Nobody should feel guilty for the mess others create. Not even those responsible feel guilty. Unfortunately here in this country instead of solidarity we have exactly the opposite effect: save one’s self. and division of the several society groups. We have a long way to go and become a descent sociaty again.

  12. can’t blame you of course! I wasn’t able to leave Athens this summer and I’m pretty depressed. Most of my colleagues that did go on vacation, came back and then begged for a few more days off. Now almost everyone is back in the office and the atmosphere is quite grim. Stay where you are if you can for as many days as you can KTG!

  13. keeptalkinggreece

    I decided to stay two more days than planned. ierd that I feel the internal need for working lol