KTG is Not in the Mood to Go Back Home…

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I’m not sure, I want to return home. In fact, I do not want to. At least, not yet. When I read and hear the news nothing has changed for and in Greece. Not even after Prime Minister Samaras meeting with German ChancellorAngela Merkel and French President Francois Hollande. Maybe the atmosphere changed a bit, Merkel stated the one or other positive things, but the essence is the same: “Greeks have to do with homework first!”. That is proceed with structural reforms and privatizations, cut state expenses, raise money and fill state registers to pay back the loan, the rescue package.

Nothing has changed in terms of government work. The new austerity package of 11.5 billion euro has not been announced yet. Coalition government partners still struggle to get the billions together. They still struggle to find ‘equivalent measures’ and avoid some others that would decrease wages and pensions.

Nothing has changed also in the pure Greek reality. Pharmacists will block again insured patients from prescription medicine on credit.

Metro workers plan a work stoppage on Saturday.

Now that the summer lightness is over and days get smaller, recession mood is about to break out again.

I do not want this. I’d rather stay here and watch the local cats come out from their hide out in the afternoon and lay down in the cooling shadow.

 PS Thousand and One things are awaiting for me at home. I’m just not in the mood to take these challenges now. Maybe a couple of days later? 🙁 🙂