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Athens: Five Suicides on a Single Day

Five people reportedly committed suicide in different parts of the Greek capital. On a single day, five people were reportedly transferred to Evangelismos hospital in Athens.  Last Thursday evening. One man had shot himself in the head, three women had jumped from their home balconies. A fourth woman had cut her belly with a knife. She was the only one doctors managed to save.

All fice people had a common motvie for their suicides: economic problems… serious economic problems…

Suicides for financial reasons have flared creating a nightmare especially in the big cities of Greece. (

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  1. And for those who don’t know greek…

    Only one day into the evening Thursday moved to Evangelismos five people. In all cases the reasons were …


    Specifically, the night Thursday to Friday at Annunciation moved one man who had shot himself in the head, three women who had jumped from the balcony of their home and another woman who had pelleting the knife in her belly (she was the only one who survived) .

    As it became known these five people with serious financial problems. Suicides on these grounds have flared creating a nightmarish scene especially in big cities.

  2. sorry,I had copy this to translated it tomorrow but publishe dit by mistake – thanks fo rthe translation 🙂