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Big Blow to Tax Evasion: Four Cheese Pies without Receipts

Tax inspectors in Larisa managed the impossible:  a big blow against tax evaders. They held a bakery lorry carrying four cheese pies, worth four euro, without the necessary receipts or other accompanying documents. The lorry owner was fined with removal of driving license and car plates.


Most striking is that the tax evader was caught in action on April 7, 2012 and the fine was imposed on August 28, 2012.

I bet, the bureaucratic procedure was more expensive than the actual revenue losses for the Greek state.

It reminds me of a similar incident that occured two years ago: Tax Hunters Fine Two Pork Legs.


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  1. Yes. Welcome to doing business in Greece. Come and invest! Please?!…. Pretty Please????
    It’s total madness. I read this this week in a local paper:

    “Fighting illegal trade, even at half rate, could be a solution to the problem currently facing the country, “said the prefect Peloponnese Mr Petros Tatoulis, adding that the annual loss to our national economy, ranging in height from 8.5 to 9 billion euro, while the three-year Memorandum of money provided € 13.5 billion.

    And next day I saw 10 policemen standing on the E65 stopping small delivery vans to look for the illegal roll of wire, the other 4 cheese pies and the toothbrush that should have been accompanied with the necessary paperwork.
    OK, not really, but they are checking things like this on a regular basis around here. I think I told the story once of the father of a friend who was on a electricians job, forgot something in the shop, popped back in his van and was stopped and fined hundreds of euro because he left the paperwork on the work site…
    Or every time I would walk down from my home into my office, carrying breakfast I ran the risk of being booked by the SDOE for failing to have the necessary paperwork around the purchase of the plate in my office. And so on…
    And in the mean time, truck loads of illegal logging are driving through the country. Tons of oil products are escaping every rule in the book and never get caught. People are taking planes with 5 million in a briefcase…
    Please could somebody just send the people who are organizing this madness (and keep it up even today) to a madhouse, far, FAR away?

  2. keeptalkinggreece

    excuse me, but where are you taking your undocumented breakfast? at the end you will claim you prepared it at home and its for your own consumption. When everybody knows you sell it or trade it and thus without issuing a receipt depriving thousands of civil servants and pensioners of yheir monthly income.

  3. My motto is “Look after the cheese pies and the logs and oil will look after themselves”.

  4. They finaly caught Mister Big red handed. This will put the fear of god in you people. I hope the guy with the stack of koluree on his stick isn’t hauled away. I love those little breads.

  5. no tax evasion report son koulouri men.