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BDO-Survey: Greece riskier for investors than war-torn Syria

An annual survey of finance directors from global business consultancy BDO finds that the crisis over too much government debt in Europe remains one of their key concerns — so much so that Greece is considered a riskier place to invest and set up business in than war-torn Syria.

Only Iran and Iraq are considered more risky than Greece, which also struggles to convince its international creditors that it deserves bailout loans to avoid bankruptcy and a possible euro exit.

“CFOs are becoming increasingly wary of Southern Europe, parts of which they now see as risky as the politically unstable countries of the Middle East,” said BDO chief executive Martin Van Roekel.

BDO surveyed 1,000 CFOs from medium-sized companies currently planning foreign investment.

(Full article  NBCNEWS)

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  1. Well, the solution is self evident, isn’t it? Remove the labour laws, reduce the minimum wage, and get rid of those ridiculous pensions. That will of course make Greece a much more attractive place to invest, and thus make it safer for investors. Greece will also cease to exist as a sovereign nation in charge of its own future and social fabric, but hey, who cares? As long as the investors are happy, what does it matter….

  2. keeptalkinggreece

    investors über alles lol and what is worst is that we are so stupid that we don’t the importance of being earnest …investor 🙂