Van Rompuy: Inspired by the Greek debt to an autumnal Haiku?

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 I’ve always told you that the President of European Council is an inspiring and inspired man. Monday’s struggle of EU and IMF to seek a solution Greek debt apparently deeply touched a sensitive cord of Rompouy’s soul, gave wings to his fantasy and urged him to do something creative: put down some words, full of melancholy.  He twitted the few sentence poem through his Twitter account in English and Flemish/Dutch:

Maybe Herman van Rompuy expressed in a poem form the failure of leaders to reach an agreement on EU budget…

Nevertheless, inspiring Van Rompoy inspired me to send him a reply.

@keepTalkingGR “a haiku here/an ikebana there/ lonely sits the omnipotent on his throne/sips green tea/wishing he was a real king” @euHvR

So far I have not received any reply, a positive or negative comment to my Greek version of haiku… Most likely, the devoted haiku write in Brussels considered my verse as not matching the Haiku criteria.

Looking up for poetry EURatO

Haiku ( 俳句 )is a very short form of Japanese poetry of which Herman Van Rompuy is fond of, according to his own statements.

PS delighted 🙂