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Van Rompuy: Inspired by the Greek debt to an autumnal Haiku?

 I’ve always told you that the President of European Council is an inspiring and inspired man. Monday’s struggle of EU and IMF to seek a solution Greek debt apparently deeply touched a sensitive cord of Rompouy’s soul, gave wings to his fantasy and urged him to do something creative: put down some words, full of melancholy.  He twitted the few sentence poem through his Twitter account in English and Flemish/Dutch:

Maybe Herman van Rompuy expressed in a poem form the failure of leaders to reach an agreement on EU budget…

Nevertheless, inspiring Van Rompoy inspired me to send him a reply.

@keepTalkingGR “a haiku here/an ikebana there/ lonely sits the omnipotent on his throne/sips green tea/wishing he was a real king” @euHvR

So far I have not received any reply, a positive or negative comment to my Greek version of haiku… Most likely, the devoted haiku write in Brussels considered my verse as not matching the Haiku criteria.

Looking up for poetry EURatO

Haiku ( 俳句 )is a very short form of Japanese poetry of which Herman Van Rompuy is fond of, according to his own statements.

PS delighted 🙂

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  1. There once was a President called Herman
    who was a weird little runt
    he wrote Haiku to seem intelligent
    when all he really wanted
    was to be a proper little German

  2. see? I told you the man is an inspiration to all of us! a real EU leader 🙂

  3. He inspired me to other writings as well, not really fit for publication…

  4. An attempt at humour, here goes ..

    Autumn end november/the night has fallen/The fair tranches can’t be seen/Even more lonely

    Dunno, but perhaps that would fit Mr. Samaras’ stream of consciousness?

  5. we should declare van rompuy as THE inspiration

  6. In cold November
    A blow has fallen
    It will be softer next year
    still we’re dying now

  7. Autumn bleakness falls
    Vultures picking Greek bones clean
    During each long night

  8. giaoýrti giaoyrtáki

    Nobody is alone in bordellos called parliaments.

  9. The dishrag guy pipes poems
    grew a personality
    since days of the sink

  10. The sun sets within
    as despair and gloom rise up
    empty fridges wait

  11. …and unwashed dishes in the sink

  12. LOL. I’m sure good old Herman wouldn’t have a clue what to do with the dishes. Maybe he could write another Haiku about them?

  13. This is great, Good on Herman, Europeans unite in Haiku..

    The Autumn of your gloom
    Will be followed by our Spring
    Of reckoning.

  14. yes, the Dishu-Washu- Haiku

  15. They just keep coming. This one from Ireland (again)

    In bleak November
    Van Rampuy left poetry
    Haikus exposed him

  16. we have enough troubles here as we are waiting for another shity budget
    we do not need herman trying to’ cheer’ us up

  17. Why wait for your budget? Ask the Bundestag. they are probably discussing it already, like they did in the last 2 years, remember? Just waiting for it to be rubberstamped by Merkel, Schauble & Co.

    For those not aware of the situation, for the last 2 years, the Irish People had to learn their budget faith (ie tax rises, cuts, etc.) through it being discussed in the Bundestag, while the Irish government denied the very existence of what the Germans were discussing. Just so that you know who really runs the show in Europe, everywhere…

  18. last year they ‘leaked’ a lot of the shite before the budget
    i suspect you are right about the troica we will be told all the bad news on the day
    the tactics are to keep everybody in the dark this year to avoid street protests and trouble for them while they sit down to their christmas meals

  19. According to Nigel Farage or whatever his name is, he might. I beleive this Herman Von Rumpuy dude is the one he insulted with some very expensive insults including saying he was a dishrag basically, and a dishrag should know what to do with the dishes. I didn’t see Herman vigorously refuting this claim. He just shook his head a little.
    Ok I am wrong, the British guy said damp rag. The British accent is a little elusive sometimes.