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Greek FM Cancels Visit to Tirana After Albanian PM Claims Greek Territories

A sudden deterioration in the Greek-Albanian relations occurred on Wednesday morning short before Greek Foreign Minister Dimitris Avramopoulos boarded on the plane to take him to Tirana. Cause for the incident were provocative statements by Albanian Prime Minister Sali Berisha who claimed that part of Western Greece, Preveza (Epirus) were Albanian.

 Sali Berisha: [Citizens of Avlona] “proclaimed on 28. November 1912 the independence of Albania, the independence of ethnic Albania, of the Albania of all Albanian territories from Preveza to Presevo, from Skopje to Podgorica.”

The provocative statement of Berisha, posing assertion of part of Greek terriroty (Preveza) triggered the angry reaction of FM Avramopoulos who immediately canceled his trip to albania and issued the following statement:

“Foreign Minister Dimitris Avramopoulos cancelled at the last minute his visit to Tirana, expressing the discontent of the Greek government to the statements by Albanian Prime Minister on the occasion of today’s celebration.

Statements like these do not contribute to creating a climate of friendship, trust and good-neighborly relations between the two countries, and to develop joint initiatives in areas of common interest, such as the political, economic and energy sector. ” (

Foreign Minister Dimitris Avramopoulos was due to pay a visit to Tirana on Wednesday upon an invitation of his Albanian counterpart, to participate in the events marking the 100th anniversary of Albanian independence.

PS I wonder about the reaction of FYROM…


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  1. Greece could make money by selling part of Epirus back to Albania. I’ll be ready chip in if there’s a collection to gather enough money for the transaction.

  2. Most of Albania lives here in Preveza anyway! The classes in school are about 50/50 Greek /Albanian. Most of the kids don’t even realise their parents (or grandparents) come from Albania.

  3. Epirus is Greek!!! Read some history you ignorant c@nt!!

  4. gorgeous culture level

  5. Highly intelligent, excellently phrased, helpfull contribution to a civilized discussion. Or maybe not…

  6. Yet another provocation from our friendly neighbours.

    Once again Albania is showing its ugly greedy self interests. They think that since they got away with getting Kosovo from Serbia. They think that we are another Serbia. Just let them try.

    We know how with the back up from the USA and they managed to do this. And now the biggest US military base “Camp Bond Steel” is based in Kosovo.

    We know they are chasing the dream of a Greater Albania. They are the ones that are threatening the stability and peace in the Balkans.

    We know that they are a base for Mafia, arms traffiking and drug traffiking.

    We know they are in posseccion of the Greek northern Epirus.

    Hey M perhaps we should buy out your land instead.

  7. meanwhile Albanian FM issued a statement saying more or less that ‘what was said it was in the historical context.’

  8. ενω αυτός ηταν ευγενικοτατος και καθόλου ειρωνικός!! το επιπεδο μας εφαγε εμας τοσα χρόνιαα !! εδω λεει να πουλησουμε την πατριδα μας κι εσας οι εκφρασεις μου σας πειραξαν

  9. έλα, καλέ, δεν ειπε να πουλήσουμε τη πατρίδα μας, ειπε να του τη δώσουμε.

  10. Oh for sure. And the UCK is also taking it in a historical context just like they did in Kosovo.

  11. It amazes me how after WWII Europe went forward up until the 1990’s then all of a sudden began to slide back to pre WWI ero politics. Once more making the Balkans the “Boiling Pot of Europe”.

    Thanks to the interferences from the West.

    We see this today in the acquitals from the Hague of war criminals from Croatia and Albanians from Kosovo. Did you know that these generals are to become prime ministers.

    Why was not the Hague of today around the time of Nazi Germany? Hitler would have been acquitted also. And probably nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize.