Canada concerned about Golden Dawn Branch in Montreal

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Controversial extreme right-wing Golden Dawn (Chrysi Avgi) recently opened a branch in Montreal. Reason enough for Canadian CBC broadcast to have an interview with the local deputy leader, who defended the party’s policies that are considered as ‘racist’ by the majority of Greeks and the international community. The members of Montreal branch said that they decided to contact GD on their own initiative after they saw the Greek people are starving.”

 “As a Greek we have a right to defend our religion and our national rights,” said someboy who lives far away from Greece…

Defending images of violence linked to Golden Dawn and saying members are only targeting illegal immigrants, the deputy leader denied that GD was racist. But just supportive of the idea of giving Greece back to the Greeks.

“We do have a solution though. Greece, everybody knows, we have a very strong shipping industry. … We’re going to bring them all to Canada. Canada needs immigrants here. Mr. Harper will be happy to have them here,” said the Montreal branch deputy leader.

Odd enough to hear such statements by people who moved to Canada as ‘migrants’…

“There’s something very ironic that a political party which is criticizing immigrants, illegal or legal, in their country are coming out to Greeks that migrated three or four decades ago and trying to actually tell them that migrants are a threat to their homeland, while here Greeks are part of society, part of the important fabric of Montreal and Canada.” Kyle Matthews, deputy director of Concordia University’s Montreal Institute for Genocide and Human Rights Studies.

GD-Canadian members, estimated to be 200,  say all they’re doing is raising food donations to be distributed to people in Greece, however those donations are reserved to those described as “real Christian Greeks”.

Video Interview here

Back in Greece, after the stablishment of a taxi drivers union, where they will tank only at petrol stations with Greeks-only employees, GD tries to establish a medical charity organization that is named “Doctors with Borders”…

PS I wonder if cab drivers will demand birthday certificate from their passengers. Or it will make no difference when it comes to earn money, in times of recession and austerity where cabs form long queues as Greeks avoid to use a taxi due to lack of money.