Survey: SYRIZA leads with 22%; Tsipras suitable for PM; 61% NO to early elections

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The majority of Greeks sees their future in bleak colours, are pessimistic about their future and the future of the country and not happy with their lives and believe the country is heading to the wrong direction. At the same time, they reject the coalition government policies and give left-wing SYRIZA the lead with 22% in voting intention. PM Samaras’ party Nea Dimocratia follows with 19%, while extreme right-wing Golden Dawn (Chrysi Avgi) stabilizes in the third position with 12%.

  • 67% has negative opinion about Samaras’ coalition government
  • 78% expect 2013 to be worse
  • 84% expect 2013 will be worse for economy
  • 64% want denunciation of MoU (loan agreement)

For the first time in a public opinion survey, SYRIZA-leader Alexis Tsipras is been considered as  suitable for Prime Minister.

Headline: the most unsuitable with Samaras’ picture

Public opinion survey conducted by METRON Analysis for daily newspaper Efimerida ton Syntakton

Political parties 1. Voting intention 2. Who do you believe will win next elections

  • SYRIZA 22%  – 46%
  • ND 19%  – 26%
  • Golden Dawn 12%
  • PASOK 5%
  • Democratic Left 4.5%
  • KKE 4.1%
  • Undecided etc 25.5%

Most popular leaders

  1. Alexis Tsipras SYR
  2. Panos Kammenos INDGR
  3. Fotis Kouvelis DEMLEFT
  4. Antonis Samaras ND/PM

Most suitable for PM

20% both Tsipras – Samaras. First time main opposition leader gets equal rates with PM.
39% “Nobody”

Memorandum of Understanding (loan agreement), euro, early elections

2 in 3 declare ‘unsatisfied with the coalition government (ND/PASOK/DEMLEFT)

61% reject early elections, 33% want early elections

  • 64% declare “we have to proceed to denunciation of MoU because it failed”
  • 27% declare “we should keep MoU so that we can improve it”
  • 9% declare “Don’t know/Don’t answer”
  • In favor of MoU denunciation are June-election-voters:  86% SYRIZA,  82% INDEPGREEKS,  82% ΚΚΕ, 78% Golden Dawn,  67%  rest parties.
  • 68% are those with less than 1,000 euro monthly family income, 53% with more than 2,000 euro income. also 65% od women (64% men) and workers 72%
  • Voters of coalition government paries in favor to keep the MoU with improvement options: 48% ND, 37% PASOK, 34% DEMLEFT.

  47% believe that the country will eventually go bankrupt and 4 in 10 believe that the crisis will be overcome.

Drachma: 58% believe return to drachma would be negative for the country

                     57% believe return to drachma would be negative for themselves.

85% believe that the loans given by the Troika “aim to exploit us than to help us”.