Got this nice Christmas message…

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Two days ago KTG received this thoughtful and compansionate Christmas message, composed and sent by a Greek migrant living in Australia since 30 years. This ol’ chap came back to Athens over the Christmas holidays and feels apparently extremely annoyed for not being cheered up with happy XMAS stories, but has to read about depressing things like taxes, families without income and so on.

His message had the sensible title “Sas varethikame” (= We got bored of you).

“I love Greece is my country even if I have been living away for 30 years. Greece lives very difficult times and the Greeks together .but your programme and some others give nothing but SADNESS DESPERATION AND PHYSOLOGIGAL PROBLEMS .
Is Xmas why don’t you have a F……….g brake and chear the ppl with happy stories XMAS songs like we had many years back .
Mrs Kanelli shut your mouth and get a breath and then give a Smile.
Have you any cuts from your money your self.?”

As I am deeply touched by the festive spirit of the message, here is my happy program contribution to cheer up a guy who obviously picked up the wrong country to spend his Christmas  holidays.

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PS I really cannot say what they drink or smoke, down there in Australia….

Explanation: “Mrs Kanelli” is an MP of KKE.